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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking Opportunity in Smorty For The Very First Time

When I was talking to Belle, she reminded me of how I could get better offers in any of these popular advertising companies (Payperpost, Smorty, Buy Blog Reviews, Sponsored Reviews, Paying Post, etc) among which I became an active member only recently, because of my Google Page Rank which is 3 in both blogs of mine (Personal and Wedding). When I say active member, I have begun taking opportunities.

So far so good, I have been posting on 3P's which almost 100% of them were approved! I am so happy to have realized how pretty much quick to earn money on blogging. On the other hand, I have been receiving offers from Smorty which I never used to know where to find them until I have read this: "Important notice about campaign notification emails New campaigns are emailed to all suitable bloggers. This does not mean that you will definitely find the campaign in your admin panel. Opportunities are taken quickly and it is up to you to log in and accept the task before all opportunities are taken". Only yesterday morning that I found an open opps, I grabbed it immediately before its too late... It was about Nintendo Wii and DS, read my post about it. However, when I first submitted it, there was an error which says "Anchor URL/text not found", and second time, third, forth, fifth and which I almost given up!

But I could not afford to loose this opps, so I googled anything that would solve this problem and found one which explains about Anchor text and how can we paste it in our post! Not quite what I was looking for, what I wanted was, where to find this ANCHOR TEXT.. Basically, pasting to post is pretty much easy but what the exact code to paste and where to find it is very frustrating! I have experimented couple of times but of no luck, and had to refresh page every now and then from expiring.

Nothing was really be able to tell me exactly what I was looking for, until I decided to copy and paste the link from the advertiser itself (anchor text/link) at the bottom of my post, I clicked published and re-submitted all over again! Guess what? It did really work!! Yes, what a relive at last... Now, I am only waiting for approval as you can see below.
Fingers' crossed to have mine approved. Important tip: read and understand every rules and regulations, facts, questions to ask of every advertising companies, as I never do it until I find myself trapped in the middle and asking for help, and there I spend time to read. At least I am lucky to have managed to sort all inconsistencies I have encountered, before its too late.... Learn from my mistakes...

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  1. Last week i received my first opp at smorty thru my email but i lost it because i didn't see the note that i have to grab it right away.
    Now i'm wondering if they will still give me new assignments :(


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