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Monday, December 15, 2008

I Got My First Payment From SMORTY

~~~I am getting so excited, as it happened for the very first time in my "blogging for pay"...

I have started posting sponsored posts, paid posts from advertising companies like special mention to these two (PPP, Smorty) only two weeks ago! So far so good, I have been approved on all the posts I have had gotten to write about. I did not know before if they really pay or not, and how often do they pay?

I tell you what, for the very first time I got my first payment thru PAYPAL from SMORTY, which I realized thay they pay on a weekly basis.
This was my post regarding "Nintendo Games", only one! hahahaha..

"If you snooze, you loose"... this is what happened why I only got one opp so far!, well better luck next time...'s an update of my PPP posts.....EXCITING!!!


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  1. hi madz, if you're not a member yet of paying post, they are one good site too.. am sure mas maganda sila sa smorty but of course ppp is still the best.. when u go to my site, just click my banner there just in case u wanna sign up......


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