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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nintendo Games

Last month, when I was thinking of buying my hubby's 1st Wedding Anniversary gift, I was kinda a little bit confused on what to buy! I know they wouldn't really mind, for as long as hubbys meet wifeys needs, which make them happy. But would be nice to exchange presents, especially on special occassions like this.

Anyway, I asked one of our friends (actually his best friend), on what to buy which I ended asking him to buy for me in South Africa, since he was going on vacation. He suggested of buying Nintendo Games!, and it was the first time I heard about it... Though my hubby likes playing on his computer, but have never ever heard of him mentioned about Nintendo! Must have been new to him as well, and what I always see him playing is just PC games on DVD's.
So made some research about Nintendo, I found out that this is really interesting ones! Its got what they call Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games. Plus, on Nintendo DS just by buying RD DS Revolution which allows you to which allows you to listen music, mp3's and even watch movies.

Well, I am not too keen of games, but it tickled my fancy and will definitely buy this for my hubby and of course will play too.

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