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Monday, December 15, 2008

Creating A Scroll Bar On Your Long Blog Roll

Since I started blogging, I have managed to make a very long bloggers' / friends' list / blog roll which I couldn't figure out how to shorten it by adding a scroll bar! In the end, I found a different way, and have transferred my long list through Blogrolling, explaining you on "How to Create an Automatic Scroll Blogroll". I was quite happy about it at the beginning, until I realized my other list was getting very long as well!

HERE'S THE EFFORTLESS TECHNIQUE ON HOW TO DO IT - you need this codes below:

NOTE: 1) Make sure to replace the signs () to <>
after copying, as the codes may appear blank when I leave them as ease, and have found a solution. 2) You can play with the WIDTH and the HEIGHT according your requirements.

(div style="OVERFLOW: auto; WIDTH: 250px; HEIGHT: 200px")(table style="HEIGHT: 200px" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0")(tbody)(tr)(td)

In the middle - Blogger's URL if to create Blog Roll, other websites codes, or posts if to create a scroll bar on your posts, you can do it as well....


Question: What about if I have made my blog roll through blogspot widget/gadget - "List" (being done by adding the link and put the name!).... SIMPLE!!

1) Add another widget/gadget, click "HTML/JAVA SCRIPT", copy the codes above in GREEN, leave the middle section open for the URL's/links.

2) Click VIEW on your browser (located on top left), click PAGE SOURCE for Mozilla Firefox and SOURCE for Internet Explorer. Please see illustration below photo. Find the title of your blog roll and just simply COPY all the links in the format as shown below. Again, I had to change the <> to
<li><a href="")Name(/a)(/li)

Thanks to Belle for giving me some time to teach how to do it. As you can see on illustration above, those are samples on what it may look like, an easy way out to make a "user friendly page".

Well, you may have noticed that most of my links/lists/websites are now with scroll bars. If you want to clarify something, feel free to contact me.

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