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Monday, December 29, 2008

Adding Your Other Blogs' Links/Updates

Yesterday I didn't do much visiting, dropping EC's nor writing any article at all on any of my blogs. Instead, I was re-shuffling my page settings, layouts, gadgets, HTML's on my 3 blogs, and trying to be genius in working out codes, blah blah blah...,, which obviously I DO NOT KNOW! However, I wasn't that convinced that I really don't know these things, its only a matter of a "trial and error" though. I had that "self-imposed attitude" - "I MUST LEARN MYSELF, IF OTHERS DO CAN WHY CAN'T I? You know what I mean?

This was mainly the reason why I have created this blog, to be able to share new things I have discovered or learned myself through experiences.

Until in some stage, I found a better way on how to show off my other blogs on my pages (you know which shows the latest updates), which for about two weeks now that I've added just the simple links of them! Didn't know it was as simple as the photo shown below, just by simply adding widget/gadget and click add BLOG LIST which shows below, and you can un-check some options and leave those ones you want to show, and by clicking all it shows like on the 2nd and 3rd photos.
So I duly did, thought it was a very successful attempt or move, which I have found out in the end that my 3rd blog - Things I Did Not Know Before (this blog itself) wasn't showing any updates at all. You know what I'm talking about? As you can see below, my wedding blog is showing all the details (latest article, its first paragraph and the time I have posted it), unfortunately, the 2nd blog link doesn't.... But if as you can photo below, my other 2 blogs (Madz Life's Diary and My Beach Wedding in Mauritius) are working fine. Then I thought, uummmm if I am not mistaken there must be something to do with my FEED BURNER FEED. I have checked and yes it was (I mistakenly added the wrong feed), I have changed it and still wasn't a success!.. Don't know where and how to resolve this, I shall leave it for now until I will finally find a solution. By the way, I have checked my BLOG CATALOG and MYBLOGLOG feeds as well (they both have the same feed addresses of my 3 blogs), and I tell you what, they made me even more confused!! The fact that Blog catalog doesn't show any updates of my Wedding Blog, while on My Bloglog does. They both show updates on my Life's Journey one, but don't show any updates on this particular blog which then coincide with my original problem.


  1. hello sis!

    i had the same problem before - details of my blog wasn't showing in my page. but i figured it out after a while. try to check your settings (feed) then delete whatever you put in there. check mo lang.

    ingatz! :)

  2. Wishing you and your family health, wealth, and happiness in 2009!

  3. Hi Lynn, thanks for the tip, yea will try to sort it out soon again, as I have already done everything I could but of NO JOY! Will fine the right solution eventually!

  4. Healthy solution, thanks for you wishes for the new year! Will visit you as soon as I can!!

    Thanks & likewise... GOD BLESS


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