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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How To Avoid Losing Page Ranking?

I am truly PROUD and AMAZED at the same time, to have been able to get PR3 on my both blogs!

1) The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol - which I started 18th of June '08, checked my PR sometime between late August and early September as far as I can remember (after 2 months), I was so amazed to have seen number 3!!

2) My Beach Wedding in Mauritius - was created on the 20th of JULY '08, and sometime September that was
(after 2 months), I checked my PR out of curiosity, I was truly stunned and shocked!! At the beginning I just could not believe, and had to redo it plenty times to make sure it was correct and if I used the correct website to check PR before I showed if off on my blog.

Now, if you'll ask me HOW DID I MANAGE TO GET THIS HIGH RANKING?, I could not tell you exactly the secrets of SEO, but I can tell you precisely what I did this period. Do you really want to know? I know you have the idea more or less, surely much more than I do, in optimizing and improving site's ranking. But let me share with you, some practical ways I have ever done to have managed to get this rank, I just hope they all make sense to all of you:

1) On my first month of blogging, I just CONCENTRATED ON WRITING - BEING CAREFUL OF THE KEYWORDS I HAVE HAD TO USE (possible phrase or group of words people might type in when making their research, on every topic you wanted to write about!). Until after few days, I was able to collect decent amount of posts to have been qualified in Google Adsense (that was when I learned on earning money in Google Ads).

"Lesson1: Let Google be aware that you are online everyday, by making updates through writing posts. Think about of billions of people googling anything on the net! READERS ARE OUR TARGET HERE!!"

2) As soon as I was approved, I still maintained on updating my sites every single day and write article at least 1 a day, while VISITING OTHER BLOGGERS' SITES / HAVE EXCHANGED LINKS as many as I could every single day (I tried though busy at work sometimes).

"Lesson2: The more you visit other blogs and send comments, the more you'll get visitors back on your site, which eventually accumulates traffic, which then becomes always a ready-access or front-liner of Googlebot to crawl + backlinks you ought to get in exchanging links!"

3) I did submit my blogs on VARIOUS SEARCH ENGINES and BLOG SUPPORTS/COMMUNITIES, as people use various search engines in making their researches.


I haven't finished just yet, this is just the beginning of this article about HOW TO AVOID OF LOSING PAGE RANKING? Do you think I can afford to loose them, after all the efforts I've been given and mentioned points above I have taken into consideration? Of course not!!!

But how could I, while earning decent bucks in WRITING REVIEWS from advertising companies (like PayPerPost, Smorty, Blogsvertise, SponsoredReviews, BuyBlogReviews, etc)... I have already read from other bloggers, that as soon as you write reviews which obviously requires the "DISCLOSURE POLICY / SITE-WIDE DISCLOSURE", you'll eventually loose your page ranks!! It was only yesterday that I registered on BLOGSVERTISE, and have confirmed the issue myself. It says:

Avoid excessive ads & badges. Avoid "hire me" or "get paid to post" badges, bubbles, and avoid copy & pasted disclosure policies. If you feel obligated to tell your readers that you particpate with blog ad services, use your own words for your disclosure.

Best: Its best/ideal to just completely remove/delete a pre-written disclosure policy you have copied and pasted from other services and put something in your own words. Or better yet just delete the disclosure policy entirely. It is best to not display any "hire me" or "get paid to post" badges.

Lost Pagerank: If you have already lost your pagerank and it fell to zero, it is best to just start a new blog on a new domain/url, and start fresh. It will take a few months for your blog to obtain pagerank again, but if its not full of hire me badges, bubbles, and disclosure policies, it should avoid having its pagerank removed. Check our other help tips for suggestions on increasing your task rates and making your blog more popular.

Again it is best to avoid and delete any type of pre-written copy and pasted disclosure policy.



  1. Great post Madz.. I was also curious of how you did it to get the PR3.. I got active with my blog last month of September and I started monetizing it last October after I get the PR2..
    Sometimes, it gives me butterflies everytime I check the PR ranking. Bec I read so much blogs that got spanked by google from PR2 to PR0 after the last updates.

    Will see by January, since google will start to update the rankings once again.

    Congrats to you ha? You did a good job in here. Keep it up to PR4 hahaha.

  2. hello sis!

    thanks for sharing your ideas about pagerank. i know how important pr is to us bloggers since we get to have more opps if we got one.

    but let me share with u my experience with pr. it has the tendency to come back. i used to have pr4 before and when i lost it, i thought, mr G totally banned me coz that's what i've heard but much to my surprise, i got it back - only pr3 this time though but nevertheless, i'm still very much thankful coz not all of us are given such, right?

    merry christmas too! take care!

  3. Hi Madz,
    Here’s greeting you the very best of the Christmas season. May the Lord shower you and your family with countless blessings this coming year. Thanks for joining Filipinos Unite!!! God bless you and your loved ones always.

    Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!

  4. very informative!

    I've been blogging for more than a year though, and have been on paid blogging for more than a year too.

    All of my 3 blogs started at PR 4,and I acquired the PR barely 3 months after I started each of the blogs. In fact, my lair blog got ranked 4 after two months only.

    As soon as I was qualified to do paid reviews, I embarked and did it.

    On my world blog, I enjoyed my PR4 for 2 months, that is with paid reviews. After 6 months I got the PR back, this time at 2 then after a few months to 0. On my lair blog, I had PR4 and then it went down to PR3 after 6 months, then PR 2 after 2 months, then 0 a month after. On my library blog, I started at 4 for 6 months, then 3 for 2 months then 0. These numbers are with the copy and pasted disclosure policy and with paid reviews.

    See? It's really hard to pinpoint Google's algorithm.

    Enjoy your PR while it's there.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks, that's so interesting. I'm always reading about getting more visitors and improving my blog, and it's great to read the personal experiences of a fellow blogger!

    This is probably gonna sound very stupid: but how can I learn my PR?
    And what does it stand for?

  6. Hiya Umma, yes I will try but I don't think I could still be able to climb up to PR4 since I have been blogging paid posts/reviews..

    THE BIG "G" is clever enough to play with you PR the moment they see "I DISCLOSE" / "THIS BLOG ACCEPTS", etc... uuummm let's see what happens...

  7. Hi all, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts, I'm sure this would be very helpful, a learning ground for whoever bumps in here!

    What we can do really is just continue rising if we can, while earning at the same time on paid posts.


    UUMmmm think about it guys.... so why worry right???

  8. congrats here sis....job well done...hirap ata nun ha...
    cge daan na lng ako 3in 1 here-


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