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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pinoy Minimall - Filipino Foods Shopping Online in UK

Oriental Food Shop in Canterbury is the only place we know closer to where we live in UK, where to buy Filipino foods. They sell most Asian foods like Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc, but you could only find selected products. THEY DON'T HAVE ONLINE MARKET!

I don't know how importation in the UK or exportation laws in the Philippines that would probably affect the type of products they are allowed to sell out in the market. Well, I know for the fact that not all our local products (Philippine products) are of "
Export Quality", you can always see that at the back or in front of its packaging and also, perhaps the products they might be selling are only those ones from selected manufacturers who have direct contacts with this particular Asian Foods importer in the Canterbury!

In some stage when we were in UK the last time, we were looking for an online Filipino store where you could just sit down and do your shopping online! My hubby just love Filipino foods, and we always find our own local taste don't we? I was overwhelmed to have found this PINOY MINIMALL where we buy Filipino foods online. This would only mean, that we dont' need to go to Canterbury anymore.

UK delivery of £3.99 for orders up to 30kg.

Not expensive though.... They sell noodles (Lucky Me my hubby's favorite), rice noodles, sauces and flavorings, sardines, dried goods (dried mangoes), CHIPPY, Sunsilk shampoos, Creamsilk, biscuits, etc...

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