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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snoring Isn't Just Annoying, It's Linked to Serious Health Problems

I didn't realize the effect behind snoring! Hubby snores a lot and loud enough to wake up people next door :)... Especially if he is tired and or if he had couple of beers before bed time. Irritates me if happens to be still awake, but most of the times his snores wake me up in the middle of the night.

Snorers have always been the butt of jokes. In cartoons, their nasal roar lifts the roof off houses. In sitcoms, there's the wife who rolls her eyes at her snoring bed mate. But in reality, it's not all that funny. In fact, snoring can be a nightmare for snorers and their beleaguered partners, who may wake up several times a night to poke, prod and maybe hoist loved ones onto their sides for a little relief. It's no wonder that bleary spouses can wake up grumpy and resentful - WELCOME TO THE CLUB, I AM ONE OF THEM!

Studies had proven that it is linked to serious health problems. Loud snoring with breathing pauses is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and increased health care utilization, according to a new study.

For snorers who don't appear to have sleep apnea, there are other measures to avoid bad nights. They include: avoiding big meals and sedating drugs like antihistamines and alcohol before bed; sleeping on one's side instead of the back; treating conditions like allergies and colds that can cause or worsen snoring, and maintaining a healthy weight.

According to the results, loud snorers had 40 percent greater odds of having hypertension, 34 percent greater odds of having a heart attack and 67 percent greater odds of having a stroke, compared with people who do not snore, after statistical adjustment for age, sex, body mass index, diabetes, level of education, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Quiet snoring was associated only with an increased risk for hypertension in women. Loud snoring was also associated with increased use of health care resources (emergency visits and hospitalization).

Source: Science Daily, News Week



Things You’ll Need:

  • Step 1: Don't drink alcohol before going to bed. It can increase muscle relaxation, which may make snoring more likely.
  • Step 2: Avoid muscle relaxants and sleeping pills.
  • Step 3: Sew or tape a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas or T-shirt. Snorers are more likely to snore when lying on their backs. The ball will make this position uncomfortable and force you to roll over onto your side.
  • Step 4: To prevent snoring while lying on your back, elevate your upper body 30 degrees using a foam wedge.
  • Step 5: Talk to your doctor about taking an antihistamine if your snoring is caused by a cold or allergy.
  • Step 6: Give up smoking. Experts believe cigarette smoking disturbs sleep and increases the likelihood of snoring.
  • Step 7: Lose weight; this helps reduce the size of the palate.
  • Step 8: Offer your partner earplugs if your snoring keeps him or her awake.
  • Step 9: See a dentist for information about an anti-snoring dental device, which prevents the lower jaw from falling back while you're sleeping.
  • Step 10: Talk to an ear, nose and throat specialist for possible surgery or treatment. There are a variety of techniques that can help reduce snoring.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Heavy snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that has been linked to serious health problems. If you snore heavily and often feel drowsy or fatigued despite sleeping all night, consult a doctor.
  • This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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  2. Hahaha.. pareha diay kita sistah.. Welcome to the club jud.. hubby snores a lot too, sometimes it irritates me and I kick his butt off the bed hahaha.

    Puerte man jud kasaba di intawon kita makatulog ana...

  3. Na mao jud dangs, grabe as in! then ako buhaton usahay ako sya itry to change his position pra mohunong, tuod muhong kadiyot pero taud-taud tua na sad!! hahhahahh kapoy cge lng ko puyat gani.. pero karon cge maghagok ka dha kay ako mag blogging.. ahhahah

  4. HI Kuya Mel, yes will try to do it po :) thanks for the thought...

  5. Good luck nalng sa magiging husband ko..coz my sister said that I snore..hahahaha...diyahe..


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