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Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Know It’s Time To Give Up Blogging When….

I won’t participate in the comment section for this post, but will be, and I am interested in, reading your thoughts. But I am not giving up yet, I am still pretty much new to blogging. I should say, "I still have loads of topics to post"... until when?

A blog can be compared to a newborn baby. In the beginning, we’re really excited about our “baby”. We tell everyone about the baby and where they can go to see the baby. We can’t wait to try on all the new clothes we have just for the baby. lol... Sounds familiar to me... hehehehe

You love your baby so much that when we wake up in the morning, the first thing you might do is check the baby for “movement”. Maybe you guys give the baby nourishment for the day to sustain it, keep it alive, as you moms continually check on the baby throughout the day.

Gradually the baby starts to grow and demands more and more of our time, but we don’t have the energy to take care of it. Now the baby is crying for attention because we haven’t fed it in a while. Instead of the once carefully prepared meals we used to provide, we find ourselves sitting in the drive-thru at the fast food chain of “I’m Not Dead” and “I’m Still Here” for a quick meal.

We still care for the baby, maybe we change a diaper here and there, but the excitement of the first born has worn off. In fact, we’re looking for a baby sitter.

Unlike real children who we are committed to for at least 18 years of our time, energy and expenses, that’s not the case with our blog. We change as do our interests and what was once important, our baby, is no longer.

Maybe I took the scenic route to ask a simple question: Regarding your blog, do you have a gauge for calling it quits? Will you not be motivated or excited about blogging? Maybe there’s nothing left for you to blog about or you’re not getting the response you hoped.

Maybe someone has trashed your efforts and you wake up one morning and wonder: Why am I doing this again? Maybe none of this is the case, would you still contemplate throwing in the towel?

Cartoon by Dave Walker...


  1. For me Dhangz, wala'y kahumanan ang blogging! LOL Kay there's always something to share. There's so much info in the world kaya! Anything and everything under the sun! hehehe Tapos there are also your experiences. You can share those too, bisan ug dili kaayo exciting, depende ra nimo gud, if you want your blog to be your online diary also. Pero you are right, sometimes dili gyud kapugngan that we get tired, especially when other things demand our time, like our jobs. Pero since we both love blogging, we'll always make time for it. I've always believed, and I've often stressed this to my husband, that you don't FIND time for the things you love, but you MAKE time. So there, walay kahumanan ang blogging. hehe Pero sa imong case Madz, hinay2x lang kay jontis ra ba ka. hehehe Okay? *Hugs* Excited gyud ko for you. Have a good day dira!

  2. Hello Madz! musta man ang beauty mo diha? I think Jason and Jasmine is a nice name. Jasmine is like a princess name hehehe. I like the tone of its name when it is pronounce. I wish you health babies dangs!

    Blogging for me dangs is a good way to express myself, my feelings, my anger and my everything. I get excited when I read my post and other bloggers post because I can learn from them too.

    Thanks dhangs!

  3. Actually, it depends on how your blog is being maintained. thats why I didnt choose to hv a niche blog bec I want to blog whatever things that entertain me or make my day.

    There is always another side of the coin, so there is an advantage and disadvantage about blogging.

    But if you are bored just like me.. blogging could be fun for time being hahaha..

    Naunsa ka jud.. enjoy man sad ta ug blogging pa kay naa may daghan friends ko diri. Otherwise,, mag puti ra mata nato ani hulat kay hubby kon kanus-a mag uli after work sa gab-i.

    Sistah. kita sad ta sa Pinas puhon ha? Im sure saba jud kita kaayo cge katawa hahaha...wait ko lang ang YL ko na maka learn lakaw para i plan ko ang vacation namo sad. Kay budlay pa man subong kay wala pa xia naga walk.. kahirap ana sa airport mag sige kugos2x.. OMG ang beauty ko magkalosyang losyang na to..hahaha

  4. hello madz, i'm so glad to have found your blogs and the many things you share on your posts. anyway, we do get to the point when we just want to say it quits (with blogging) when we get so busy or can't find anything interesting to write about. take some time off would be good but always come back. in writing it is continuous practice, we just can't stop. i hope you wouldn't. see you around!

  5. i've been blogging for more than a year na sistah and so far, the excitement is still there. i'm learning new things everyday eh, not to mention, i've also met great friends in here just like you who makes blogging more fun and enjoyable. i doubt if magsawa ba jud ko sa blogging. i'm earning extra income from it then so di tingali. but i must admit nga naay time tamad jud ko muhimo og manakop opps. naa pud time tamad ko mu blog hop pero ana man jud ang life diba, tamad jud ta panagsa. hehe. but that's not enough reason nga mawala ang blogging sa akong kinabuhi. samtang kaya pa sa akong utok muhimo og review, muhimo japun ko. kay muabot jud raba ang time ang muhina na dagan sa ato utok so habang kaya pa, go sago. hahaha.

    ingatz always sistah. mwahugs!

  6. My goodness ate are very correct..there is no giving up or saying no to blogging..this is never a ending fondness... I have no baby yet but i got the point of comparing the baby to our blogging hobby..because a new blog is like a new born baby..we got to take good care of the baby in order to grow healthy, it goes same way with blogging, we have to take care of our blog in order to be healthy with visits..oisst.. ang drama ta Ate Madz..Have a good day...

  7. Don't quit lang ate madz oi, anywy....nobody forces us to make a post when we dont want to..and nobody forces us to visit blog if we don't feel ok...sometimes atakihon ra og laziness...dvah?..ana ranang life...karon na you are preggy you deserve to have a long beauty rest..pra mkabeauty rest sab ang imong baby sa imung tummy...You already gained many readers...that alone is a pretty good reason not to say no to blogging...but we have to rest pud sometimes..

  8. ka senti ba ani nga post oyy...nawala lang ko kadali mura man na out nako sa update nimo...

    anyway, blogging is really a good way to express whatever we had in mind....ka laay jud kaayo if naa rata balay tapos walay ka storya unya hulat ra ta ni bana-na mo uli, i know the feeling...makabuang jud...may nalang naa blogging, at least wa ko miabot sa point of stressed out

    at this time, i am enjoying it and i get to enjoy inato nga photography...hehehe...

    usahay, kung kelan dami prospects to get, magsinamok si bana-na , wa ko mahimo but stop for a time being...hehehe

    anyway, ikaw, just take it easy kay buntit baya and delikado ka mag buntit...a friend of mine, lost her baby twice, rest ra jud sulbad...right now, she is having a healthy baby...

    rest lang jud Madz ha and blog a little bit

  9. I've felt it, but I haven't acted on it. I've run the same blog for more than half a year now; it's a really niche topic, and often I feel like I'm out of ideas, but I keep chugging away, essay-length, every day.

    I keep going partly because of my pride, partly because it's a way to keep routine, and partly because I love seeing the responses. I may seem to run out of topics, but I'm not sure I ever will; with the creation of stories, there's always something to write about, and every day before the deadline hits I manage to find something.

  10. ang sarap kayang mag-blog kaya lang minsan nakakapagod , nmasakit ang mata at katawan sa sobrang pagbabad sa computer

  11. minsan binitawan ko na rin ang iba kung blog, pero bigla naman may offer na opportunities sa kanila kaya tuloy ulit . hehehe

  12. I have been into blogging for more than a month palang but you know I was able to meet new friends here, like you ;}. It's just the start for me and I want to make more blogs. Take care of your baby.


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