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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Sexy Mini Skirt For Beach Gateaways

Hubby loves going to the beach, though I never used to (the fact that I came from an Island and had spent all my teenage years here), but I started to enjoy it when two years back we went to this stunning resort in the Philippines, located in El Nido Palawan. One of the reasons as well was, I hate wearing sexy beach suits but what I did was, I still wore shorts and beach tops but with matching sarong around me. Why? The reason is pretty much obvious - I don't have anything to show off.

However, I have found this site where you can choose among their sexy mini skirts which are not only for beach purposes, you can also wear
them for every occasion. Those who have the gots to carry them (with long legs), you can also be wearing sexy, short or tight mini skirts with matching sandals or boots. I'm sure this is one of every woman's wardrobe fundamentals.

Here at FlirtyLingerie, you can have huge selection of the hottest mini skits, shorts, different styles and cuts of Sexy Mini Skirts, Schoolgirl and Micro Mini Skirts and the latest fashions in sexy skirts.

The good news is, I won't be having any trouble of going around the shops to look what I want, I just sit down at home in front of my computer and buy online, the fact that they ship world wide.


  1. ka nice bitaw mag mini ay. suot pud ana sis. dako jud ngisi ni hubby for sure. hehe.


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