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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flattering Compliments From An Advertiser

On my yahoo messenger, I have been receiving "friend requests" from unknown users/accounts and would have assumed so they were all bloggers. So they all went to my "blogging friends" group. Though I've always ask in the beginning if they've seen my account or YM ID in one of my blogs or any blogging communities I am connected to.

Anyway, the reason I have mentioned and shared this to you is, yesterday I got a friend request (name disclosed), I added straight away while
he had sent his first message "Hi - you recently did a post about blood pressure monitoring for", which I really thought all the while he was from paying post and was going to advise me to have my account or this particular post to have been canceled, while it got an email notification saying that my post was approved about 5 days ago! Even before I've hit the enter key on my keyboard to send my reply, he sent another message, a request to remove additional link I've added because it wasn't necessary. Which I duly did, he thanked me and he continued send me more messages....

Advertiser: "I've put more opportunities up today and wait for approval - I hope you are able to write for me again"...

Me: "ohh really thanks so much! Yepp definitely will take and write if can be able to reserve"....

: I like that your blog (madzlifesdiary) has a lot of real posts as well as some from payingpost - How many opportunities do you get with payingpost?

: uummm not a lot really due to my location... hubby & I live in the UK but we are here in Angola at the moment to work

: thanks for the compliments.. I didn't know I love writing until I learned about blogging....

Advertiser: writing a blog is a great way to put things down and if you can earn a few bob sometimes then all the better. many thanks again for removing the link and I hope to visit again

: yupp no problem, anytime... my pleasure to write for you as well & thanks for having been given me this opportunity, and for your approval too...

I was flattered for having been recognized for my good work... I could not asked for more now, except to give me more opportunities to write to and to be approved! Not knowing that last night when I logged in on Paying Post, there were two open opps, grabbed them straight away, posted in my 2 different blogs. One was about LCD TVs/HDTVs which I posted on Madz Life's Diary, while the other one was about BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR (exactly the same as my first opp from the same mentioned advertiser), but was posted on this blog - Things I Did Not Know Before.

Mind you, I was up blogging until 3 o'clock last night. But it was worth the efforts though as these posts were approved in just a matter of hours, not even 24 hours!! WOW, and they were $9 and $8 huh.. additional income...


  1. wow! congratulations sis! you definitely deserve the compliments.

    way pabor pabor, maayo jud ka manulat. true yan. keep up the good work, sistah and stay sweet! mwahugs!

  2. Congrats sistah....I was impressed that you were able to reach out with the advertiser.. Popular ang beauty mo diay hahaha.keep it up.

    Mao diay lisod ka majuntis..kay lain man ang pinagka-abalahan mo hahahah..

  3. wow! bigatin naman day ka dangs YM pa kamo ng advertiser...hehhehe! good job!..agoy 3am? my goodness grabi na ni nga eyebag ron? si banana diay asa man..wa day to kapiling sa kama? hehhe...joke!

  4. wow, naman, that means you are a successful blogger madz.
    congrats for that.

  5. Great women...By the way i am Isha from india.i found your name in my friend Anand's Blog.well,i have added you in my blog friends list if you don mind Can u please add me in your friends list.Bye takecare friend c you in next post...

  6. Congrats! i am not lucky in paying post, not like the other sponsored reviews.

  7. Na inyo lang jud kong binuangan da! Na basin lang gani ug na crush to nako ang advertiser pagkakita sa akong profile picture!! hahahaha..

    Mao jud sistah Umma, kay ako hubby nagkahilik na unya ako blogging lang ghapon! pero karon dili na sya mosugot maabtan ko alas 2-3am, imagine work pa jud me the following day!

    Tsk tks, suko pod sya ug kay wla na lagi time to make baby... hahahahahaha

  8. that must have been very fulfilling..knowing that people appreciate your work and thinks you did great..congrats and more opps to come dear..

  9. Congratulations to you. You deserve it.

  10. wow sistah, in demand ang beauty mo ah... congrats, I haven't been given an opps sa pp this year hahaha..

  11. Thanks, hopefully I would be blessed with child also aside from opps!! heheheheeh mwah mwah wmah

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments.....

  12. im new to payingpost, i only got one...but, i am happy about your accomplishments in blogging hehhe...good job girl


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