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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creamy Chicken Adobo

This is one of the Filipino foods my hubby loves so much! I know most of us know how to cook this, so there's no need for me to add the cooking procedures here (except that I have added a little bit of coconut milk).

So it tasted like sour-peppery and creamy, yummy though.... Why not trying as well. Enjoy cooking.....


  1. yummmy! one of my faves! kaw luto ani sis? gai ko beh. hehe!

  2. this is sooooo yummy!! i don't know how to cook adobo, until now im still trying to get that perfect taste. :)

  3. Mare,,,share mo naman recipe mo ng chicken adobo mo oh..gusto ko din magluto niyan sa bahay..mukhang masarap..nakakagutom..

  4. woi lagi dangz...agree ko kay inday Kat...pwede pa share imo recipe...kay wala pako la luto ani....hehehe..try nko..hehhehe!

    hahha..nalingaw ko sa imong mensahe dangz...oo woi...welcome mo lang...hehhehe! I am looking forward for that time...mag meet ta someday...hehehe...:)

    Unsa man diay visa nimo dha dangz...woi pagpuyo sa dha kay buntis paka...hehehe..after na manganak ang laag...hehhee...lagu woi kami sad..gusto sad namo visit sa Europe...sos kalami kaha....:)

    Sige dangz mag email lang ko sa imo...hehehe..nako pakita sa imo...sige au-au dha Mommy buntis..:)

  5. Madz, nakakagutom tong chicken adobo mo ha. Congrats on this recipe.

  6. hello Madz, yap we are doing good...i always post my daily happenings...ikaw musta na? i hope okay ka lang and how's the baby?

    thanks for sharing these photo sarap ah

  7. Agoy kalami..makalaway... way recipe dha te? hehehe

  8. Super sarap ng itsura, I bet super sarap ng lasa..yummm...


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