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Thursday, April 16, 2009

2nd Payment Received from Google Adsense

That's right, this is the 2nd payment already I've got from Google Adsense (4 months earning!), not bad though. While the first payment I got was October '08 was from last year's earnings (from July to September), amounting to US$ 115.95....

Please see below for my overall performance, to encourage you all....
I should say that, I am one of the lucky bloggers to have continued its existence despite of its vulnerability! Apparently, I have heard loads of sad stories from other bloggers to have been discontinued or been blocked of displaying ads for some reason...

In general, I have been earning from Google Adsense for about 9 months now! You know the secret? Don't agree the rules if only to break them...GOOD LUCK!!


  1. wow! ana na kadako imo kita sa google sistah? ako kay wa pa jud. balato beh. hahaha!

  2. hahhaha....glad it works for you dangz....not me! grabi jud uros uros imo grasya...taginting man jud sa bulsa...hehhehe....joke

  3. wow! good for you madz! huge earnings, ha! you deserve it!

    thanks by the way for dropping by my blog and leaving a message about the tutorials. glad you find them easy to follow.

    have a great day!

  4. Wow! what did you do Dhangz? pls give me some tip. Me, it's been 3 months already but I just got 3 bucks, heheheh.. I don't know why.. maybe it's because of the country?

  5. akoa kay okay man tua sa sugod...pero ambot, ga practice man lagi ko, nah...nabuing, gi erase man nko, d na nko makita ang link...function pa japon, pero dili nko ma post ang link...ambot...hahaha

  6. Good job Dhangz.. sagad sagad jud ang suerte ni buntis ko na miga.
    I never use google adsense kasi parang ang daming buretse sa page ko.

    But Im glad it works good for you Dhangz... by the way, this earnings are coming from your 3 blogs or this is only from one particular blog?

  7. Wow congratulations Madz! Keep it up!

  8. wow! ang laki namn ng kita mo sis.Iponon mo lng gyud para pamasahe sa pinas..hehehe Have a nice day!


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