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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Chocolate Eggs From My In-Laws

We bought some Easter Eggs for my in-laws, yet we didn't realize we gonna get one each too from them! I got the MALTESERS one and hubby got the MARS! I haven't eaten mine yet as I am not really on to chocolates these days, baby doesn't like too sweet stuffs! ummmm I now wonder if this tells if I am going to have a baby boy or a girl? Would you like to make a guess???????

...and I bought myself a Bunny Rabbit Chocolate....

Irregardless of how we celebrated Easter, for as long we know the essence of the celebration - that "GOD HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD OF SACRIFICING HIMSELF TO SAVE US"....


  1. was here again madz, visiting your site, hope your doing fine

  2. was here madz, musta na pregnancy mo? long time na kong di naka balik dito

  3. parang napaisip na rin ako mare.. will it be andrew and not sofia na?? kasi ako noon super lihi ako ng chocolates with my yena eh.. :)

  4. wow! yummy! naa pa sistah? gai ko beh. lol.

  5. I agree with you dangz....people should think of that know the real meaning behind the easter celebration.....:)

    woi ka cute sa bunny choc...hehhee..kami sad dire dangz naa candies wala natandog..haha...pul-an na si Akesha...tapos d sad namo sya tagaan permi...kami d man sad mi mahilig sa chocs woi...hehehe....:)

    lami ra ni i decoration ning rabbit...heheh...kay gold...hahaha!


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