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Monday, April 27, 2009

Traditional Sunday Roast with my In-Laws

Hubby and I had spent our whole Sunday afternoon at my in-laws place. It's an English tradition to prepare a nice meal for the family - normally Sundays' gathering together enjoying any roast meat (beef, pork or chicken) with gravy, apple sauce or English mustard with potatoes, parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, and green peas. Mum cooked it for us, it was only the 4 of us!

We don't normally visit them on Sunday, our last Sunday visit was 5 weeks ago if I am not mistaken. We learned in the end that Mum doesn't prepare any special meal if it's only her and Dad, and that's probably the reason why Dad invited us yesterday, as he missed roast pork and desserts too. LOL, poor Dad....


  1. woi very yummy man kaayo tan awaon ning imong plate dangz....mao ra ni imong gikaon? wlay second batch? dapat naay batches kay you are eating for 2 na bya...hehehhe!

    thanks for sharing about your family weekend...and for sharing the food as well...very english kaayo ang food...hehehhe! miss you dangz...mwah!

  2. sistah, makalaway lagi ning imong mga food diri ay. puhon, mu try kog luto ani. if naa nako diha sa london. lol.

    ingatz sistah. mwahugs!

  3. LOL. looks scrumptious ! =) lucky for you ! thanks for sharing ! =)

  4. madz, that looks so yummy. how sweet of you MIL to cook for dinner. happy weekend!


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