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Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling Busted Because of Economic Downturn? Sears Is The Answer

This is an absolute good news for everyone! We know that it is still a long way to go for Fall and Winter Season, but Sears is giving us a chance to enjoy and prepare. We can enjoy 75-80% off from its original prices. Moreover, it also gives us a chance to win a $2,500 price package. What are we waiting for, this might be our lucky day and who knows you will be one of the lucky winners, check it out.

This is a great answer to all our worries, imagine we only pay not even half against its original prices. Hurry, this promotion ends on the 18th of April. Don't let global recession destroy us, there's still life behind crisis. We all aware that we should be cutting costs to be able to survive, but deprivation is even worst I tell you. It won't really hurt. I must admit that I have now my shopping addiction under control, but I do buy one or two pieces of tops or trousers especially if I see bargains. I can't really resist myself on shopping at all!

Apparently, if you also follow Busted Moms on Twitter (which I did myself too)
@bustedmoms, we will be receiving Sears gift cards and updates on hot deals going on. Why not checking this in, and enjoy their bargains.

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  1. wow sistah! kakuha ka ani. dako ra ba kaayo ni pay. balato niya ha. lol.

  2. wow! buti kp buntis nagrab mo to..huhuhuh. congrats by the way... dami mo opppss. sana makagrab din ako sooon! :) heheh

    miss u!! san knb?? heheheh mwah

  3. hi sa inyo lynn at niko..gaganda nyo nman..:)

  4. Just came acroos this post. Who would have thought that Sears would be so helpful in these economic times.

  5. Sears has been around forever for good reason. I missed the promotion but they'll have one again soon. Thanks for the gift cards


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