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Monday, March 2, 2009

Strawberry Pancake and Ice Cream

I have been craving for Strawberries for these past couple of days after Pineapple and Kiwi last week! So instead of always having them with Ice Cream, I decided to make pancakes and decorated them with sliced Strawberries and Ice Cream on top.. uummmm yummy!!

Would you like some?


  1. wow! nawong pa lang lami na kaayo tanawon. haay, laway ko sistah! LOL.

  2. hala ka..strawberries mare..diba aslum..sarap gud ng food sa photo..hhmmm..

  3. Hi Madz, I am here visit your other blog. Ang sarap naman ng strawberry pancake & ice cream mo. I will try this.

    Anywa, let you know that you i a have tag for you.... hope you grab them.

  4. weeeh nakakagutom.parang gusto ko tuloy ng pancakes ngayon mismo.hehe. take cara mads! God bless

  5. WOW !!!! That Pancake Has put me in the mood for strawberries & Cream


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