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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fast-Food Causes STROKE!!!

....... How often do you dine-in or buy take aways at McDonalds, Wendy's or KFC, etc...? Sounds pathetic really while I love going to McDonalds to have my Chicken burger meal. All I know of is that, for as long as you don't have them everyday (we have at least once a week), then its alright I guess.

... but read all the way down to know the truth about FAST-FOODS, and how they could affect our health and lives.....

Would you like a stroke with your burger? People who live in neighbourhoods with numerous fast food outlets are more likely to suffer a stroke than those in neighbourhoods with fewer such outlets, according to a new study of one Texas city. This doesn't necessarily mean that their burgers, French fries and fried chicken cause stroke, says Lewis Morgenstern, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who presented the study at the International Stroke Conference in San Diego, California. Rather, fast food could be an indicator for other factors that lead to poor health, such as lack of exercise or poor air quality.

Morgenstern's team recorded all 1,247 strokes that occurred in Nueces County, Texas between 2000 and mid-2003. The region is home to Corpus Christi, a city home to 280,000 people and 262 fast food restaurants. His team split the city into 64 neighbourhoods with roughly the same population, based on census data.

Burger prohibition?

People living in neighbourhoods with an average of 33 fast food restaurants suffered 13% more strokes than people who lived near just 12 fast food joints, Morgenstern's team found after accounting for differences due to age, race and income. Each additional McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell upped the risk of stroke by about 1%.

His team hopes to next nail down how fast food relates to stroke. "It may turn out that consumption of fast food is the problem, but we're not at this stage yet," he says.

Daniel Lackland, an epidemiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina says fast food could be linked to stroke both directly and indirectly, but more research is needed before any official guidelines were put out, let alone before banning the consumption of fast food.

"I don't think [the association] is strong enough that you would go, right now, and say no fast food restaurants," he says.


  1. Hello Madz, si huby nako kay grabe jud ni sya sa burger ako na lang mag prohibit sa iyaha kay makatambok baya ang burger heheheh

  2. yes, i know it's not good to eat food from food chains such as mcdo, jollibee, etc. because the food they serve is rich in sodium which can trigger some diseases if not being taken in moderation.

    tagsa ra ko eat jollibee sistah and i'm not a fan of their chicken joy man. ang fave ra nako didto kay choco sundae, sundae twirl or peach mango pie. mao ra jud na ako pirmi order. hehe.

    ingatz, tit. mwahugs!

  3. I never like to eat guilty man sad me moka-on ana oi kay puerte man kata-as ug calories Dhangz..

    Ikaw, hinay hinay ra pag kaon sang mga junk food kay wa man sad na mga nutrients, di ba?

    Ok lang pag minsan pero wag 2-3 times a week.. sobra na sad ana oi! hahahah..

    Dhangz...mag cge man blooming ang beauty nimo Dhnagz na juntis oi!.. hala cguro girl man jud ang baby nimo.. kalami!! ako nag handum man sad ko magka baby girl kami puhon kay lami man pag naay girl sa family di ba?

  4. Well, to be frank, any kind of fast food is bad for health. Home-cooked food is still the best as we know how to cook a balance meal to ensure proper nutrition for our family.

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