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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pinoy Foods Shopping Online

I was looking for something to eat the other day, but I just couldn't figure what I was looking for!, then I started thinking about the Filipino foods I have been missing... We used to go to Canterbury (an hour drive), to buy selected Pinoy foods at the Oriental food shop, but due to my condition, we never bothered anymore.

Instead, I just ordered online. Photo above, were the ones I bought recently in fact, this was already my 2nd time, first there were Ice Tea, Sky Flakes, Efficacent Oil, Noodles, and Chippy. I really love my Ice Tea especially its getting warmer here as summer is just around the corner, good drink for the season!

... and I am proud to have introduced it to hubby's family, while Alfie loves Chippy and Ice Tea too! uummmm I will soon become a regular online buyer of Pinoy Mini Mall.


  1. woi sa online diay ka shopping dangz? dba mahal man ata na? hehehe....let me know kung magpapalit ka dire sa ako...murag maka save paka...hehehe! pila diay diha dangz?labon duol ra kaayo mi sa pinoy store dire...let me know lang ha...miss to hear from you....:)

  2. wow! sarap ng chippy i-dip sa coke...or mayo


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