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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arch for our Garden

By the time we've done putting up the fence panels between our neighbor's garden and ours, we've decided to have an arch for climbing plants in between the shed and the fence. Though we know it's gonna be easy to build one, but if we could fine a special offer why not buying instead of making one right? But then, after seeing this one (photo below), we changed our mind. This is so expensive for what it is, a £165 job??? no chance.... yet easy to build I should say...

At least this gives us an idea what sort of style to buy or to build.


  1. cute namn style ng garden mo...I like it

  2. 165 pounds x 76.6919 pesos = P12,654.1635

    Wow, that's quite expensive indeed if we're thinking of Philippine pesos and only that simple piece of carpentry work!! ...hehehe...pero, no doubt, maganda rin naman siya...

  3. Hi Mommy Madz!

    Kamusta ang preggy! I hope you're having a great weekend!

    Mommy J

  4. Arranging things for garden is well written the plants are seen beatiful.

  5. WOw nice pictures.looking rich for this bgcolor........

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  7. This is a great image on how to do it.


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